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Haemophilia treatments – everything you need to know

Haemophilia treatments – everything you need to know

Being diagnosed with haemophilia can feel overwhelming and getting to grips with all of the different terms – prophylactic treatment, extended half-life products, clotting factors, etc – can be challenging. But the more you know about your condition, the more in control you’ll feel.

Watch these four short animations to help you and your family understand more about the sometimes confusing aspects of haemophilia. They are very child-friendly so could be useful in explaining haemophilia to young people affected by the condition – either themselves or via a family member.

1. What is joint disease in people with haemophilia?

A simple bike analogy explains what joint bleeds are, and how they can lead to joint disease in people with haemophilia.

2. What are clotting factor replacement therapies and why are they needed?

Animated explanation of how the body uses clotting factor to form a clot to stop bleeding, and how this process is different in people with haemophilia. The video also explains the different treatments available that help people with haemophilia to form blood clots properly, and the benefits of doing so.

3. What is half-life?

Different treatments have different half-lives. This short animation explains what extended half-life products are and what it means in managing your haemophilia.

4. What is an extended half-life product?

Watch this short animation to find out more about extended half-life prophylactic treatment.

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