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Lifestyle and sexual health

Lifestyle and sexual health

Haemophilia can sometimes make living your life, including new relationships, difficult. Here's some helpful tips on lifestyle and love life.

Podcast: Lifestyle and 
personal identity

In this episode, Jay and Rich 
address your questions about 
lifestyle and identity.

Lifestyle and personal identity
Haemophilia hasn’t stopped me getting 20 tattoos

Haemophilia hasn’t stopped 
me from getting 20 tattoos

Scott McLean, a 28-year-old 
from Buckingham in the UK, 
talks about haemophilia and his 
experience of getting more than 20 tattoos.

Love, trust and sex 
for people with haemophilia

When starting a new relationship, people 
with haemophilia may have additional 
questions about sex and how to talk 
about their condition with a new partner.

Love, trust and sex for people with haemophilia
Starting a family with haemophilia

Starting a family 
with haemophilia

The following guide is for carriers 
and people with haemophilia who are 
thinking about starting a family.

Haemophilia and my relationship

Jay Gardner is 22 years old, and met
boyfriend Louis through online dating.
Here he talks about the impact of his
severe haemophilia A on sex and his relationship.

Haemophilia and my relationship