Haemophilia B Patient Profile

Living with Haemophilia B

Living with Haemophilia B

Everyone has their own lifestyle and personal goals, and haemophilia shouldn't hold you back. Watch the videos to learn more about how different people are managing their haemophilia. Can you draw on their experiences to think about how you can manage your haemophilia and achieve your goals?

Noah has severe haemophilia B and is 4 years old. Noah’s mother, Susannah, is learning to manage her concerns about Noah’s haemophilia as they prepare for him to start school.

James is 16 years old. He is working with his physiotherapist to understand how he can stay active safely whilst managing his severe haemophilia B.

Charlie has severe haemophilia B. He's 25 years old, and is discussing with his doctor about getting a piercing.

Martin has severe haemophilia B. At 58 years old, he has just retired from his once-based job, and is learning how to manage his haemophilia alongside his newly-active lifestyle.

Arthur has severe haemophilia B. He's 74 years old and wants to be able to play with his grandchildren and have less pain in his joints. He is working together with Sarah, his physiotherapist, to help him.

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