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Personal growth

Personal growth

Haemophilia needn't stop you achieving your full potential at work and with studies. 

Work and careers for people with haemophilia

Here is some information on how you can be successful at work while living with haemophilia.

Work and careers for people with haemophilia

Podcast: Work, study 
and personal goals

In this episode, Jay and
Rich explore the challenges of work, 
studies and reaching your goals.

A mother’s perspective
of bringing up a child
with haemophilia

Axelle, the mother of a young boy
with haemophilia, shares the emotional impact of
diagnosis and talks about the positive mindset
that guides her parenting.

Mother and child
Person cycling

Clive’s story

Clive Smith has severe haemophilia A.
In this video he explains how he started
running, how physiotherapy helped him
overcome injury and joint pain,
and his journey to completing three
Ironman triathlons.