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Managing pain and joint health

Managing pain and joint health

Learn how to manage the pain associated with haemophilia and improve joint health.

Keeping on top of joint health

Get some quick tips on how to promote 
joint health, and manage the physical 
and emotional impact of bleeds.

Keeping on top of joint health
Physiotherapy for people  with haemophilia

Physiotherapy for people 
with haemophilia

Hear more about the role of a physiotherapist,
and how they can help someone with
haemophilia achieve their goals.

Being active

Balance being active with managing your treatment properly to help you realise your potential – here’s how.

Being active
You can do almost anything

You can do almost anything,
if you look after your joints

This short animation explains what
joint bleeds are, and why joints
need protecting so you can continue
to do the things you love.

Infographic: Pain in haemophilia

Explore our interactive infographic to understand pain in haemophilia – including types of pain and coping with the impact on daily life.

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