Haemophilia appointment checklist

Haemophilia appointment checklist

Haemophilia appointment checklist

When it's time for your next haemophilia appointment, you can use this checklist to remind you of what's useful to have ready. 


  • Updates to your health

    • Any bleeds you've experienced, any changes in mobility you've noticed, any issues with your haemophilia care and any new health conditions
    • Also bring any updated results or health documents that you have
  • Changes in your medicines

    • Any new prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines or supplements that you've been taking, even if they are not related to haemophilia
    • Bring a note of the medicine names and doses, including those you have been taking regularly or even just once
  • App information

    • If you use a haemophilia app you can bring the results or information from this with you
  • Notes and list of questions

    • It's a good idea to keep notes or a diary between appointments to keep track of your symptoms, pain and mobility. Bring these to your appointment, along with a list of your priority questions

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