Self-management and bleeds hero

Self-management and bleeds

Self-management and bleeds

Here's what you can do to improve your haemophilia and limit its impact.

Meet a haematologist

Dr Pratima Chowdary is a consultant in the 
Haemophilia Centre at the Royal Free Hospital 
in London. Here, she gives some advice for 
people with haemophilia and their families.

Meet a haematologist
Anders – Exploring the boundaries of independence with haemophilia

Exploring the boundaries 
of independence with 
haemophilia – Anders

In this video Anders, a 14-year-old 
with severe haemophilia A, talks about 
growing up with haemophilia and how it 
has impacted his hobby of dance.

My experience of travelling and working with haemophilia

Growing up, James Gorman was often 
worried about how his haemophilia might 
impact his ability to travel the world.
Discover how he overcame those fears.

Working and travelling with haemophilia
Man and child walking

Haemophilia treatments – everything you need to know

Four short animations to help you and your family understand more about the sometimes confusing aspects of haemophilia.

Infographic: Finding the right haemophilia treatment for you

Drawing from the latest research publications on the possibilities for personalised haemophilia care, our infographic includes tips on how to discuss key aspects of your care with your doctor when finding the best treatment option for you.

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