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Emotional wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing

Haemophilia may have an emotional and psychological impact as well as a physical one. Here's how to cope when times are challenging.

Haemophilia and 
your mental health

Living with haemophilia can lead
to mental health and emotional challenges.
Here are some things to think about that
might help you through the difficult days.

Haemophilia and your mental health
Gaining independence with haemophilia

Gaining independence 
with haemophilia

Matty Minshall, a 23-year old with severe
haemophilia A, talks about his haemophilia
and how it has affected his involvement
in cheerleading and other sports.

Meet a haemophilia psychologist

Ana Torres Ortuño, a psychologist, works with 
people with haemophilia for the Murcia Regional
Haemophilia Association in Spain. Find out what 
she has to say about how psychologists 
support people with the condition.

Meet a haemophilia psychologist
Podcast Living with haemophilia in young adulthood

Podcast: Living with haemophilia 
in young adulthood

In Episode 3 of our
Connectors’ Podcast, Jay and Rich 
discuss home life and mental health.