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Keeping fit and active

Keeping fit and active

Haemophilia needn't prevent you from keeping fit. Here's how to exercise and stay active with the condition.

Exercising with haemophilia

People with haemophilia may benefit from 
exercises that strengthen the muscles and 
increase protection from joint bleeds and 
injury. Here’s how to get started.

A guide to exercising with haemophilia
Severe haemophilia won’t stop me getting fit

Severe haemophilia 
won’t stop me getting fit

Jay Gardner, a 22-year-old acting 
student from Edinburgh, talks about 
how he won’t let his severe 
haemophilia A stop him keeping fit.

Get active and feel great 
with haemophilia

Tim and Jon both have haemophilia. This fun 
animation shows their journey to fitness – from 
setting realistic milestones, to watching 
for the early signs of joint bleeds.

Get active and feel great with haemophilia
A father’s perspective of bringing up a child with haemophilia

A father’s perspective 
of bringing up a child 
with haemophilia

Paul, the father of a young boy with haemophilia talks about the impact of diagnosis and supporting his son’s emotional and physical growth.

Podcast: Living well with haemophilia

Paul, Rich and Axelle talk about the importance of being active from a young age and its physical and psychological benefits

Living well with haemophilia